Vegan capsules. Why that?

Good Health is a result of the choices you make every day. Your search for healthy choices has brought you to Jolly well. Our purpose is to help you make better health choices. For us better choices mean those that are sustainable, that co-exist with other species of life, are diverse and inclusive. Our decision to go for vegan capsules is part of the same story.

Most capsules are from animal origin derived from hydrolysis of collagen – Bovine, Fish, or Swine. These gelatine capsules are preferred because the cost of manufacturing is lower.

Jolly well Veg capsules not only provide a vegan alternative but also offers better stability in different ranges of temperature and humidity. So go ahead and make the right choice.#gobeyondgood

Your skincare routine may be failing you.

Anti-aging creams, Facewash, and body products are available in abundance today. However, aging is a phenomenon that happens deeper – at a cellular level. That’s the reason why these products remain merely cosmetic.

Harmful chemicals, pesticides, and pollution release free radicals that damage proteins by a process called oxidation. The visible signs of aging like dull hair, and dry and lifeless skin is a result of this damage. But the harmful effects go much deeper. Free radicals, if unchecked, can lead to neurodegenerative conditions like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, heart ailments, and even cancer.

Sounds scary, doesn’t it? The good news is that nutrition from nature in the form of colorful fruits and vegetables provide us with antioxidants that can arrest this damage. Glow Young redefines anti-aging by packing 5 of the most powerful antioxidants from nature into a capsule making sure you can fight aging, naturally.