Unhealthy portrait of a man

It’s Friday night and Jolly has planned a big game night with his friends. After working hard throughout the week, he has earned a night of fun.

So Jolly spends the entire night playing on his PlayStation. To go along with it, he binges on a large double-cheese pizza and falls asleep the moment he hits the bed.

The next morning, Jolly is so muzzy that he can barely open his eyes, his head is hurting and he is in a lethargic state of mind.

Jolly wants to sleep more but he can’t because it is a Saturday. So, he spends the entire day binge-watching his favorite TV shows and gorging on greasy Chinese.

He spends the Sunday in bed because he is just feeling lazy.

Then the week begins. A week of not having had enough sleep, tiredness, spending long hours on the office chair, working constantly before a computer screen and waiting for Friday to arrive.

This is the vicious Eat-work-sleep-repeat pattern Jolly has been living for years now without realizing that it is taking a toll on his physical and mental health. Now that is definitely not what we call a healthy lifestyle.

Most of us, like Jolly, are plagued with unhealthy lifestyle choices which are slowly steering us away from a healthy and happy life.

In our humdrum lives, we often tend to eat at odd hours or skip food altogether and then gorge on whatever unhealthy food that comes our way when we are hungry (or even when we are not!)

We spend seven out of eight hours glued to our office chairs, work a little too much, so much that all we do five days a week is nothing but work. We are so engrossed in completing targets and meeting deadlines that we forget we’ve been sitting in one place all day long.

Most of us often experience back and neck pains at a very early age. Of course, with all the slouching on the chair, constantly cramming our necks into computer and phone screens, and little respect for our back posture we have no idea what it does to our backs.

As the day ends, we are so tired that we could sleep. But rather than sleeping early, we end up spending hours watching television. Also, living in the social media age, it is sort of important that we know everything about everybody. So we scroll through our social media accounts late into the night.

By the time we feel groggy-eyed its way past midnight which means we have to compromise on our sleep to make it to the office in time the next day.

Juggling between work and staying up-to-date with everyone, we barely find time to concentrate on fitness and healthy eating, sign-up for workouts or even stretch our body a little.

To put it simply, we treat our bodies awfully!

Isn’t it too much effort to eat healthy foods? Drink enough water? Try to go for a run? Find some time for breakfast? Eat fruits?

Now, we may manage to find time for staying fit and healthy but we end up neglecting our mental health. So to make up for it, we start indulging (sometimes overindulging) into certain habits despite their repercussions.

Think about it! The body that houses our soul needs to be protected if we want to have a happy mind, happy life. It is important to provide our soul some nourishment-take up some art, catch on sleep that we’ve missed, stand and stare at nature once a while, indulge in some healthy eating, smile, and work towards a happy life.

Life is fleeting and fast and if we don’t understand what a healthy lifestyle is, we may lose out on the simple joys of life. However, it is never too late to make changes in life.

So relax and take a deep breath for you are not alone in your journey. Jolly well will help you make a healthy lifestyle a habit through its habit coach.

Habit coach aims at helping you make the right life choices and keeps you motivated throughout your journey because we believe that a healthy life is a happy life.