vegan protein powder
Lean Fuel
M.R.P. (Inc. taxes): 1,550.00
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Lean Fuel

Vegan Protein Powder

M.R.P. (Inc. taxes): 1,550.00

15 Servings
  • 22g of plant-based protein per serving
  • Complete amino-acid profile
  • Well tolerated by the gut
  • Enriched with 9 superfoods
  • Zero carbs
  • Recommended by nutritionists
  • 15 servings, 1 scoop per serving

Our modern lifestyles make it tough for us to fulfill our nutritional needs from diet alone. Packed with plant-based goodness, our Vegan Nutrition Supplements provide essential nutrients for optimal health. From vitamins to minerals, our cruelty-free formulas are carefully crafted to support a vegan lifestyle. Embrace wellness with Jollywell and nourish your body the vegan way.


Ingredients & Benefits

What makes Lean Fuel the best choice?

  • Plant-based enzymes

  • Ideal for weight management

  • No causing allergies

  • Support digestion

  • No artificial flavouring

  • Formulated for better absorption

  • Vegan

  • No preservatives & No chemicals

How Lean Fuel can help you?

Jollywell Lean Fuel is an ideal plant-based protein powder for active people for post-workout recovery. It’s also ideal for weight management and to meet daily protein requirements.High-quality vegan protein powders should provide a complete profile of essential amino acids without causing allergies, stomach problems, or digestive discomfort. It should be universally acceptable by vegetarians, vegans, people with lactose intolerance, or dietary restrictions.We have formulated Jollywell Lean Fuel from plant-based ingredients to meet all these requirements. A balanced mix of rice and pea protein amongst 11 superfoods makes Lean Fuel the foremost choice in protein supplementation.In addition to 22g of protein per serving, this plant-based protein powder also has crucial macro and micronutrients that support cognitive and muscle function. It contains enzymes that support digestion and promote the bioavailability of nutrients for absorption and has no fillers, artificial flavouring agents, colours, sweeteners or preservatives.
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the happy way to be healthy

Our modern lifestyles make it tough for us to fulfill our nutritional needs from diet alone. Supplementation is essential. Choosing the right nutrition supplement is tricky because you can’t be sure about their safety and potency.

We wanted to eliminate this uncertainty, so we created Jollywell – a range of clean, plant-based, and organic supplements. You can trust our products as much as you trust home-cooked food. Because the products we make are also the products, we consume.

Because strong joints and a healthy weight promote better fitness

If you are an active person who regularly indulges in impact exercises like running your bones and skeletal muscles need to be extra strong to absorb the impact and protect the joints from faster wear and tear. Additionally, being of a healthy weight is proven to enhance performance. The triple combination of Bone Strong Vegan Joint Health Supplement, Lean Fuel Vegan Protein Superfood, and Meta Boost Fat Burner Supplement is just ideal for you. This combo helps increase BMR resulting in faster and healthier weight loss, at the same time protecting the knee joints.

The trust of approval: Our products receive the highest quality of certifications, to assure our customers that they have been regularly tested for quality.


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Frequently Asked Questions

One scoop with water OR preferred type of milk OR as a smoothie.

No side effects because all ingredients are plant-based.

Children above 12 years can take it. However we recommend to start with half scoop and increase it to 1 scoop after they are comfortable.

Good things take time. Results will vary based on individual health condition, lifestyle choices and genetic factors. We recommend waiting for 30-45 days to feel a tangilble difference.

Preferably after workout or any activity.

Yes. However we recommend to start with half scoop and increase it to 1 scoop after they are comfortable. Legal Restrictions, if any, on shipping particular products to your location.
The availability of reliable courier partners in your location.

Yes. It’s safe for healthy women. In case of any pre-existing health condition, we recommend to consult a physician before use.The availability of reliable courier partners in your location.

Because we haven’t used artificial flavours, only natural extracts/powder to mask the peculiar taste of pea protein. So the powder is pleasant to taste.

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vegan protein powder
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