Strong bone
Bone Strong
M.R.P. (Inc. taxes): 1,175.00
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Bone Strong

Vegan Joint Health Supplement

M.R.P. (Inc. taxes): 1,175.00

60 Servings
  • Plant-based Ayurvedic Ingredients
  • Strengthen your bones and Provides better mobility
  • Relieves joint pains
  • 60 tablets. 1 tablet daily with water, after lunch or dinner.
  • Gluten-free. No side-effects
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Harnessing the power of nature, our supplements promote strong bones and support joint flexibility. Packed with plant-based nutrients and fortified with calcium and vitamin D, our cruelty-free formulas are designed to nourish your joints. Embrace mobility and vitality with our Vegan Joint Health Supplement, the natural choice for strong bones.


Ingredients & Benefits

What makes Bone Strong Perfect?

  • Clinically proven plant-based ingredients

  • Maintains good bone health

  • Vegan

  • Helps increase the bone mineral density

  • No preservatives & No chemicals

  • Reduces knee pain

  • Helps antioxidant activity

  • Formulated for better absorption

How Bone Strong can help you?

Jollywell Bone Strong has been formulated using proven plant-based ingredients to help maintain good bone health for a positive impact on your efforts to stay physically active. Boswellia, also known as Indian frankincense, is a herbal extract used for centuries. It acts as an anti-inflammatory and reduces knee pain. White Willow Bark also known as Salix bark shows beneficial effects in relieving the pain in the hip and knee caused due to Osteoarthritis. Guggul Extract is a specialized herbal formulation that helps increase bone mineral density.Jollywell Bone Strong is ideal for those who suffer from joint pain as a result of long working hours, sedentary lifestyles, aging, and low bone density. It’s also ideal for endurance athletes like marathon runners. Each bottle contains 60 tablets. Take 1 tablet daily with water, after lunch or dinner.
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the happy way to be healthy

Our modern lifestyles make it tough for us to fulfill our nutritional needs from diet alone. Supplementation is essential. Choosing the right nutrition supplement is tricky because you can’t be sure about their safety and potency.

We wanted to eliminate this uncertainty, so we created Jollywell – a range of clean, plant-based, and organic supplements. You can trust our products as much as you trust home-cooked food. Because the products we make are also the products, we consume.

Strong bone

Healthy joints promote injury-free fitness

If you are an active person who regularly indulges in impact exercises like running and weight training your bones and skeletal muscles need to be extra strong to absorb the impact and protect the joints from faster wear and tear. The combination of Bone Strong Vegan Joint Health Supplement and Lean Fuel Vegan Protein Superfood is just ideal for you.

The trust of approval: Our products receive the highest quality of certifications, to assure our customers that they have been regularly tested for quality.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Bone Strong vegan bone and joint health supplements has no side effects because all ingredients are plant-based and in safe quantities.

Children should not consume Bone Strong tablets unless recommended by a doctor or physician.

Good things take time. Results will vary based on individual health condition, lifestyle choices and genetic factors. We recommend waiting for 30-45 days to feel a tangilble difference.

Preferably after lunch or dinner.

Yes. Its absolutely safe for elders to take it. There are no allergens or artificial ingredients.

Pregnant/lactating women should consult a doctor before consuming Bone Strong vegan bone and joint health supplement.

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Strong bone
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