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We Value your Health Above All

The products we make are also the products we would love to consume ourselves. So we have left no stone unturned to ensure they are safe to have.

We choose all ingredients based on nutrient density and formulate the composition to make the product balanced and complete.

Nothing more. Nothing less. Just right for its job.

We are fussy about quality. The safety of our products have been put to the test. What you see is what you get.

Our manufacturing partner is committed to superior product quality. They continuously update their laboratory and manufacturing capabilities to keep pace with technological advancements. This enables them to control all final products with accurate levels of active marker compounds and consistent chemical profiles.

100% Natural


Plant Based

Dairy Free

No Added Sugar

We Leave Nothing to chance

When it comes to something that we put into our body we deserve to know everything about its safety and quality.

We have chosen our manufacturing partner with care. The owners are nature lovers and believe in sustainable manufacturing – just like us. They are leading exporters to developed countries, so they meet their exacting standards. They have received several excellence awards from the Central and State Governments.

They have all the required safety certifications.

Our Products are heavily tested

The quality and safety of our products meet international standards.

A high degree of safety with respect to residual solvents is ensured by employing latest analytical tools to detect traces of solvents. We take great pains to test each heavy metal (arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury) – rather than just the total heavy metal amount by using sophisticated analytical techniques.

Our obsession with safety is not just restricted to the quality of ingredients. Even our packaging comes with BRC certification, the Global Standard for Packaging Materials.

So you don’t need to worry.

CoA - The Clean Evidence

A Certificate of Analysis (also called a CoA) is a document that publishes a product’s test results. These are, essentially, report cards – the culmination of all the hard work that goes into sourcing ingredients from trustworthy farms and ingredient suppliers.

Download the CoA for our products below:

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