Rise and Fall – The Rhythms of the Sun

Most of us start the morning with the shrill buzz of an alarm. We leap, roll, or drag ourselves out of bed to face the day ahead. In the evening, our shoulders droop a little. The day is long and packed with work or studying, interacting with people around us, carrying out the small tasks that make up every day of our lives. It’s stressful and busy and sometimes we wonder if we can keep up with the life we have built for ourselves. However, there are small, precious, and joyful moments that can truly lighten our hearts and make us feel grateful. All you have to do, every morning and night, is tilt your head, open your eyes, and look up towards the sun – both the rise and the set.

Many people overlook the sunrise and sunset. We’re often sleeping, tired, or too busy to appreciate this natural wonder. It’s been proven that if you do stop for a few minutes to witness this stunning natural phenomenon, it can be incredibly soothing for your mental health. Here are some reasons to pause and look at the great giant in the sky.

Time Traveller: How many of us appreciate the time we’re given on this earth? It often feels like big chunks of hours are slipping by without us noticing. Watching the sunrise or sunset – or both – can give you a great perspective on time. As the sun rises, think to yourself – what can I achieve today? Or when the sun sets, think of the things you are grateful for. These moments provide great bookends to the day.

True Colours: If you’re a regular witness to the sun’s rise and fall, you’ll notice that every day is a different painting- splashes of deep pink, the ruddy glow of red, inky blue, and white puffs of clouds. Every day is a different sky and every day is a different you.

Perfect Peace: Taking time out of your day to watch the sun’s journey is a way to slow down and witness a silent and profound spectacle. It is, even for five minutes, a moment that is completely yours. There’s no artificiality or garishness – just a profound moment between you and nature.

Rise or Set: Sometimes, it’s not possible to catch the morning sun or its evening counterpart. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, the sun gives us enough chances to witness its majesty. You can wake up to a beautiful sight, or treat it as the start to a great night.

A Free Ride: “There are no free lunches”. How many times do we look at our wallets dismayed that we can’t pay for something – a movie, a show, an art gallery? We often forget that some of the most authentic and beautiful experiences are entirely free, with a front-row seat reserved just for us.