Not all supplements are made equal

Several factors influence the effectiveness of a plant-based nutritional supplement. You should be aware of these so you can choose the better brand. Here are some practices our maker, Lactonova, follows to ensure you get a top-quality product.

Our products are hypoallergenic, non-GMO.

Here’s an example. Instead of purchasing pre-diluted Vitamin D, as other companies do, Lactonova performs its own dilution to avoid detrimental ingredients such as preservatives or lactose found in many commercially available dilutions.

In its pure form, Vitamin D is too concentrated to safely blend into a vitamin product. Pure Vitamin D is 40 MILLION International Units (IU) per gram. The Recommended Dietary Allowance for adults is 600-800 IU per day. To ensure proper mixing, it must be made into a dilute powder that flows and does not lose potency. At Lactonova, pure Vitamin D is first blended with pure Vitamin E, and the resultant stable vitamin D is then blended with hypoallergenic cellulose powder. Not only is the final product stable; it is also hypoallergenic and can be mixed homogeneously and at a safe level with other powders. Lactonova utilizes similar processes for other raw materials, such as vitamin K, unlike other manufacturers who purchase commercially available raw materials filled with unacceptable ingredients and preservatives.

Our products are pure and highly bioavailable.

Pure powdered ingredients are difficult to mix because they are either extremely dry, sticky with botanical oils, or attract unwanted moisture. So most manufacturers add magnesium stearate and other agents such as lactose and dextrose. These additives are utilized as flowing agents to ensure maximum productivity of the capsuling and tableting machines. However, they can compromise the bioavailability of the nutrients in the supplement and might cause allergenic problems. There are documented detrimental effects directly attributed to long-chain fatty acids used as flowing agents. Virtually all companies, because of the economic impact, ignore this data. As with most industries, where the bottom line dictates the level of quality, at Lactonova we do not use these flowing agents.

Every manufacturer has two basic options when purchasing raw materials: purchase either truly pure raw materials or purchase raw materials to which substances have been added to facilitate manufacturing.

There are few commercial sources for vitamins B12, D, K, or biotin that are not diluted with substances such as lactose, cornstarch, and preservatives such as BHT. That’s why we developed proprietary methods that allow us to use pure, undiluted sources of these nutrients.