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Women’s Day Special: Keep Your Skin Radiant with a Vegan Diet

We live in a world where fast foods like burgers, pizza are available 24×7 unlike healthy food. The typical Indian diet is rich in carbohydrates coming from roti, rice, potatoes, etc. Our entire day’s meal also cannot provide the required amount of protein, antioxidants, fibre etc. The skin is the largest organ of our body....
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5 Incredible Health Benefits of Vegan Protein Powder

There is a misconception among Indians that plant protein powders are incomplete and lack one or two essential amino acids. This is not true for all. It is very important to read the label before buying a plant protein powder. The combination of two types of plant protein is very important to provide all the...
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5 Health Benefits Of Vegan Diet You Should Know!

a vegan diet and the 5 very important health benefits associated with a vegan diet. What is a Vegan Diet? Veganism is a way of eliminating all forms of animal abuse or cruelty. It may be for food, clothes or any accessories.  Thus, a Vegan Diet is nothing but complete restriction from animal products like...
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Vegan capsules. Why that?

Good Health is a result of the choices you make every day. Your search for healthy choices has brought you to Jolly well. Our purpose is to help you make better health choices. For us better choices mean those that are sustainable, that co-exist with other species of life, are diverse and inclusive. Our decision...
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Not all supplements are made equal

Several factors influence the effectiveness of a plant-based nutritional supplement. You should be aware of these so you can choose the better brand. Here are some practices our maker, Lactonova, follows to ensure you get a top-quality product. Our products are hypoallergenic, non-GMO. Here’s an example. Instead of purchasing pre-diluted Vitamin D, as other companies...
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How to choose your plant based supplements?

Buying plant-based supplements are always the smarter option, but how do you know you are getting the best? Make sure that the supplements you are taking contain safe quantities of active ingredients and are actually proven to drive results. Here are some things you should look out for (the more boxes you tick, the better...
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Why do you need supplements? Isn’t good food enough

Whoever tells you supplementation is not important is probably correct. But did they try to understand your lifestyle before making that statement? You don’t need supplements only if you tick the following boxes: You eat 5-9 servings each (approximately 400 grams) of fruits and vegetables daily. You are fairly active, moving at least for 90-120...
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Going beyond good

If you have taken the effort to read this article, you are probably an achiever who doesn’t settle for good, always striving to be your best. Or you are someone who competes with yourself to be better. Or you consider your body as a temple, looking for ways to improve your performance and realise your...
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Unhealthy portrait of a man

It’s Friday night and Jolly has planned a big game night with his friends. After working hard throughout the week, he has earned a night of fun. So Jolly spends the entire night playing on his PlayStation. To go along with it, he binges on a large double-cheese pizza and falls asleep the moment he...
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To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

So, you’ve decided to be healthy. You’re eating the right kind of food, exercising daily, and staying active. And yet, you’re still tired, you’re still moody and you have deep dark circles under your eyes. What’s missing from this (almost) healthy lifestyle? A few hours of zzzzz’s. Sleep can be a potent force in our...
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Rise and Fall – The Rhythms of the Sun

Most of us start the morning with the shrill buzz of an alarm. We leap, roll, or drag ourselves out of bed to face the day ahead. In the evening, our shoulders droop a little. The day is long and packed with work or studying, interacting with people around us, carrying out the small tasks...
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The Endless Joy of Endorphins

“Happiness comes from within” – is just one way to explain the wonder that is endorphins. But first, let’s clear the air about these happy chemicals in our bodies. What are they and how do they make our lives jolly? Let’s get the science out of the way – endorphins (full name: endogenous opioid neuropeptides)...
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