5 Health Benefits Of Vegan Diet You Should Know!

a vegan diet and the 5 very important health benefits associated with a vegan diet.

What is a Vegan Diet?

Veganism is a way of eliminating all forms of animal abuse or cruelty. It may be for food, clothes or any accessories.  Thus, a Vegan Diet is nothing but complete restriction from animal products like meat, dairy or eggs.  Mostly, people choose a vegan diet for many reasons, from an emotional or an environmental perspective, or for various health concerns.

5 Health Benefits of Vegan Diet

There are many types of vegan diets people follow, but the most potent and effective one is the whole-food vegan diet.

Vegan Diet Can Help Lose Weight

Several randomized controlled studies have confirmed that a vegan diet can help lose weight as compared to a non-vegan diet. This is mainly because vegan diet is high in fibre and less in calories. They make you feel fuller for longer and thus increase the gap between your two meals. Dietary Fibre consists of both soluble and insoluble fibre. Soluble fibre can help our digestive system run smoothly; whereas insoluble fibre creates bulk in the stomach and makes us feel fuller for longer. Since plant protein is high in both soluble and insoluble fibre, we get the benefits of having a great digestion system and a high satiety value.

Vegan Diet Might Improve Your Heart Health

Vegan Diets can boost heart health in many ways. Plant based foods are low in calories and high in dietary fibre. Fibre is linked towards lowering cholesterol and saturated fats. It can create a bulk and removes all the waste from the body. Apart from this, vegan diet contains sterols which are being studied for their role in helping lower blood pressure. Vegan Diets are also lower in calories as compared to animal based foods. A low calorie meal will definitely control weight gain and this can have a positive impact on your heart. This is also confirmed by a large study conducted linking the higher intake of plant protein and lower intake of animal protein to a lower risk of heart disease in adults.

Vegan Diet Can Help Prevent Type-2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes is a chronic condition which can affect our body’s blood sugar levels. The body doesn’t produce enough insulin or creates an insulin resistance which can lead to high blood sugar levels. One of the studies mentioned that people who are on a vegan diet tend to have lower blood sugar levels as compared to those on animal diet. It has shown to reduce the risk of developing type-2 diabetes by almost 78%.  The major reason would be high fibre intake which can control your weight and sugar effectively.

Vegan Diet Can Help Reduce Risk Of Many Types Of Cancers

Plant Based diets are rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals. Mainly found in fruits and vegetables, studies have shown that high concentration of antioxidants and lower levels of saturated fatty acids can have positive impact on health and protect against various cancers

Vegan Diet May Help Improve Your Skin Health

Glowing skin is one of the most prominent benefit of a vegan diet. People have noticed changes in the skin texture right from disappearance of acne, or wrinkles within few weeks of switching to vegan diet. This observation is linked to consuming antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables. Particularly Vitamin A plays an important role in keeping the skin healthy by promoting healthy blood flow.

Why Go for Vegan Supplements?

Many times, when you switch from animal to plant based foods, you may suffer from macro and micro nutrient deficiency. And this is where a vegan supplement can come to your rescue…

Consider having a vegan protein that can help meet your daily protein intake,  build lean muscle mass and accelerate your weight loss journey. Vegan Protein made from a combination of two plant proteins will help you get all the essential amino acids. Look for combinations like brown rice or pea protein etc.

Jollywell’s Lean Fuel Vegan High Protein Powder is a scientifically designed organic plant protein that contains a good blend of pea and brown rice protein. Each serving of Lean Fuel Vegan High Protein Powder will provide 22 gm of protein with a rich amino acid profile. It can help you achieve your lean body target without any side effects. Rightly quoted by Dr. Greger, “The most ethical diet just so happens to be the most environmentally sound